Through a philosophy of continuous evolution, ERD Metal Canada has continually been the initiator and pioneer of development innovations. Our state of the art R&D team is packed with expert designers and engineers, always looking for new, innovative solutions for all our customer requirements.

Having a dedicated Research and Development team boosts our efficiency and productivity across all  our aluminum manufacturing methods. All products and methods of productions are constantly tested and certified according to international standards to ensure a high level of safety and quality.

Our facility is equipped with 3D printers, CNC machining centers, and simulating software, allowing us to create prototype processes for all our clients. This lets customers test out our designs with several iterations of prototypes before making a final decision. From the inception of an idea to the finalized product, we’ve developed failsafe procedures that ensure we have the capability, capacity, and expertise required for any project thrown at us.

In addition, ERD Metal’s R&D department works in tandem with our clients R&D departments. This lets us develop new products with suppliers that eventually become available to customers like you. This both increases our innovative output and our stance within several industries.

Other contributes to the protection of water and other natural resources!

Another innovative and sustainable practice we’ve developed is our fully automated anodizing chemically brightening line. This combined with our fulling integrated water treatment line helps us create decorative appearances for our products with precise quality – all while protecting the environment!

ERD Metal is passionate about innovation and sustainability.  We continue to move toward a promising, dynamic future in both business and life.

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