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What sets ERD Metal apart from other integrated aluminum extrusion facilities is our ability to cover all processes from billet to delivery. A combination of hard work, extensive research, and networking has led to us becoming a leader in our industry. With our large list of services, from manufacturing, extrusion, and distribution, we’re bound to add value to you and your company.

In addition, all our production processes are certified to international norms and standards. We’ve made a commitment to respecting the environment, creating a healthy and safe work culture, and above all delivering top quality products to our customers.

ERD Metal meticulously controls and improves all elements of production with our top quality management and integrated ERP systems focused on traceability. This lets us self-assess our own work process and guarantee customer satisfaction for almost 18 000 different type profiles, and more than 200 000 custom products for the mechanical industry, automotive, and more.

Our in-house laboratory and testing equipment adds another layer of efficiency and control to our production process, helping you confirm product functionality and stay ahead of your own competition.

Our quality assurance equipment includes:

  • Pixera Profile Projection System: Features an SPC pack that both collects and analyzes all measuring data
  • Romidot: Profile scanner
  • Zenit High-Precision CMM 3D Measuring Device: For fabricated and precision products up to 3 meters
  • Surface Coarseness Measuring Device
  • Chemical Analysis Spectrophotometer
  • Full Equipped Chemical Laboratory: Specifically, for anodizing and powder coating lines
  • Shear Strength Testing Device and Ink Printing: For our polyamide assembling line

The high degree of flexibility and quality that our quality management systems, integrated ERP system, and in-house aluminum part processes provide helps us fulfill all customer requirements. From sampling to serial production and everywhere in between, we strive to fulfill our customer’s unique requirements to ensure optimal satisfaction through the use of our PPAP and APQP methodologies.

Our ERP system, known as IFS, is one of the most complex manufacturing systems customized specifically to our plant. This software is so sophisticated, that it’s also used in the aerospace industry.

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