Throughout our existence, we’ve always been driven towards harnessing a healthy work space, and that sentiment has extended into environmental protection. To show our reverence and respect for the environment and our commitment to sustainability, we’ve implemented an Environmental Management System and obtained ISO 1400 and ISO 50001 certifications. This both helps us save on energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

ERD Metal Canada works in collaboration with the European Union (EU) Environmental Regulations and Local Environmental Regulations, which are, in some cases, more strict than International and standard EU regulations.

To support our sustainable mission, we’ve installed a newly designed, fully automated water treatment facility in 2014. This facility contributes greatly to the protection of water resources by treating more than 500 tons of water per day.

ERD Metal Canada  is also one of the first to implement a “Chrome free” chemical pre-treatment. This boosts our sustainability efforts by allowing us to stop using heavy chromium metal that create air pollution.

After implementing our Energy Management System, ERD Metal Canada took the extra step of replacing our old fluorescent lamps with LED energy-efficient ones.

ERD Metal is committed to increasing our sustainability efforts across all company departments. We’re always on the lookout for more efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable resources and practices.

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